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introThis is the first page of my 3D section, where i would like to feature my 3D animations (with permission from the funding people of course) and tutorials for photoshop. The lats section is for tips and tricks that i have learned allog the way.

I would like to give a speacial thanks and acknowlegement to William B. Colson. He was responsible for the FEL scripts and deciding the look and feel of the animations, and it is his vision and creativity that has made them possible.

On a final note you will need the latest version of quicktime to view these animations. Now on to the eye candy.

These are combinations of my first 4 animations for the FEL department, all of these scenes were scripted by William Colson.

This Animation is based on a power simulation scripted by William Colson and Oscar Bowlin.

And Finally this is one of my own animations as a tribute to one of my favorit websites.

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