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This section is devoted to the stories that i have written over time and i would like to share with others. To tell the truth i havent written anything new because ever since ive been hapilly married, my prose has dried up. i think that i am most creative when i am absolutely miserable. To start off i would like to feature the poem that won a rubber chicken.

Tatooed Hippy Chick with a naval Ring

I spent the last six years trying to be mister cleaver. I thought that living that kind of life would fulfill me. then all of a-sudden I found myself 30 divorced with a great job a car a motorcycle, and everyone telling me to prepare for hedonism and debauchery the likes of witch even Caligula would be jealous of. So I started thinking about women. Mind you that I had always thought of women before but this was more along the lines of being with them. Not just the nameless faceless hot monkey loving. I had to decide on what kind of woman that I could hook up with. Where was her cubbyhole in life’s great filling system? My first though was that I wanted a free loving longhaired tattooed hippy chick with a navel ring. The kind of woman who hasn’t quite figured out that the sixties are over yet. So I went to the nearest place where I could find an abundance of chick that fill the tattooed, navel pierced, hippy area of the filling cabinet. Downtown is a trippy kind of place, its not San Francisco, but it tries to be. I started to look for that tattooed hippy chick like a marine hunting out and enemy bunker on the Salerno beachhead. 18th and capital, that was my target. I soon discovered that the tattooed variety of women generally go for the tattooed type of hippy dudes. It was like a twisted acid filled version of doctor suuses star bellied sneeches, and I had no stars on thars. And I suddenly realized that I was a clean cut techy with no tattoos who generally couldn't stand to be around hippies either. But minor setback like compatibility, beliefs and general attitude's toward life never got in my way before. For a brief second I though about getting a tattoo then I realized that I don’t believe in anything strong enough to put it on my body for the rest of my life. If I got a tattoo it would be something like my marine detachment or the Star of David. But I was never in the marines and I’m not Jewish. So that kind of thing would end up filing me under tattooed, techi dude, looking for navel pierced hippy chick, hypocrite category, I didn’t want that. Sometimes life is like that you think you want something and then you realize that it’s not the thing you wanted; it was the idea of the thing that you wanted. The idea of a tattooed navel pierced hippy chick is that of acceptance, spirituality, and unconditional love in an American Taoist kind of way. But maybe just maybe I can find that in the techy, budhist-taoist, clean cut deep thinker, filing cabinet. The problem is nobody told me where that cubbyhole is.

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